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    Welcome to The Immigration Lawyer in Uppsala, Sweden

    Welcome to The Immigration Lawyer in Uppsala, Sweden. My name is Henrik Jansson, and I can help you with virtually any legal matter regarding Swedish Immigration- and Asylum Law.

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    A Safe Haven

    Sweden should be a Safe Haven for people fleeing from conflicts and persecution. To give You as an Asylum seeker a fair trial, You in most cases have the legal right to get free help from a Lawyer, a so called Public Counsel, throughout your asylum process.

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    After a while as a Swedish Resident, You might want to become a Citizen. Through the Citizenship you get all the rights and duties that come with being fully Swedish. The Citizenship also entitles You to get a Swedish passport.

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Your Immigration Law Firm in Uppsala, Sweden

Specialized on Asylum, Family Reunification, Working Permits, Visas and Citizenship

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Are You applying for Asylum in Sweden? Do You know that you have the right to chose the lawyer you want to help You through Your process? I can represent You as a Public Counsel.

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When Ýou have lived in Sweden for a couple of years, You might want to become a Citizen. If it seems complicated to You, help is available here.

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Living together with a family in Peace is something many people strive to do. I can help You through the process, to make it as Quick and convenient as possible.

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